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Vermouth: A Taste Of Spain

Vermouth: A Taste Of Spain
The classic vermouth is now the aperitif par excellence.  A tradition that has made a powerful come-back as the multi-dimensional phenomena of 'the aperitif', vermouth culture has been reborn!
'Vermouth time' is a social and gastranomic pleasure and in the Empordà region (where we spend our final two days on our Costa Brava tour) there are countless ways to enjoy it!  It's also exceptionally good savoured peacefully alone, with a good book; and super delicious after a bike ride.  
Fancy a vermouth?  With olives, ice, soda, in a cocktail... and, of course, along with some tapas, cockles, 'patatas bravas'.
"Once upon a time, most diseases would be healed with teas and homemade drinks, natural remedies passed on from generation to generation that would revive a weak spirit.  The origins of vermouth as a healing drink stem from the time of Hippocrates.  Refined over the years, it was adopted as an aperitif, as we know it, in Turin during the XVIII century.  Finding its second - or third - home in Catalonia, it also became very popular in northern France.  To prepare it, we need a base of wine and a careful selections of medicinal herbs, especially wormwood, which provides its characteristic bitter taste.  Fruits, spices and other natural ingredients will soften and sweeten it.
These days the classic drink has been reinvented and renewed to match the gastronomic specialities of our country, delighting the most demanding of palates and capturing the spirit of new generations.  Bars, restaurants and terraces have become the new ambassadors of the 'vermouth moment' - relaxing in good company with tasty tapas.  Cheers to vermouth!"
Ester Bachs, Author of 'Vermouth Guide' (planeta)