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Here, Fresh Eire Adventures intern and Sardinian native, Domenico Cubeddu lists some of his favourites along with recommended restaurants and hotels, inns B&Bs and activities  and attractions.

Main traditional events


- Seneghe:
Seneghe, a small village in the Province of Oristano, West Sardinia, should absolutely be visited during carnival. Its traditional carnival is one of the most diverse, interesting carnivals in Sardinia. It always starts on January 20th and from this day on, each Sunday, there will be traditional dances in the main square of the village. This will last until the "Mardi Gras", and can last anywhere from 2 weeks to a month, this is the day when everything turns fantastic; you will be able to see more than 40 couples of dancers, dancing around all dressed up with the traditional costumes. A dreamy performance of colours and amazing choreographies.




- Cagliari:
Cagliari, the capital and main city of Sardinia, should be visited on May 1st, the day of the city patron, Saint Efisio. The main attraction in this day is the parade where you will be able to see and be amazed by all of Sardinia's traditional costumes parading through the main streets of the town. After the parede there is music in all of the city squares, where you can listen to some traditional Sardinian music and enjoy the traditional folk group dancing. It is an explosion of tradition, colours and music.




- Affitta camere da Francesca:  
This is essentially a Bed & Breakfast, located at the heart of the village. A perfect place to stay for enjoying the marvellous carnival in Seneghe. The staff are friendly and the rooms are traditional and cozy.

- Hotel Regina Margherita:
Near the city centre, this 4-star hotel is a perfect place to stay to enjoy the 1st of May parade. You can choose between a large variety of rooms which are modern and comfortable.

- Hotel Italia:

Hotel Italia is a 3-star hotel which punches above its weight and feels like a more prestigious property than its three star status. It is located right near the harbour and where the parade takes place. The environment is warm and the rooms are cosy and equipped with everything you might need.




- Antica Cagliari:
Antica Cagliari is located in the historical centre of Cagliari, called Marina. It serves traditional dishes mostly based on fish or meat. This restaurant is perfect for a break between the parade and the performances.

- Sabores:
Sabores is the traditional restaurant, for a perfect Sardinian experience. Here you will taste all the different "sabores" (flavours) of Sardinia. Located near the centre, this place is perfect to taste the finests local food, including cheeses, oils, and of course the local wine.  Salude!