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Covid-19 / Coronavirus Update (March 20, 2020)

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Guests.

These are extraordinary times.  

I hope you and yours are well and remain that way through this Emergency.  I am acutely aware that this crisis affects everyone, everywhere. 

Our industry, one which brings much joy to our beloved clients, and to us, has been devastated. Our partners in Ireland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Croatia have been devastated.  International travel as we’ve come to know it has been devastated.

I am devastated.

At this time, and as more restrictions are necessarily enforced, I ask you to please recognise that behind each Tour Operator there are Guides who act as a doorway into another world, Administrators who check and double check everything to ensure a seamless experience, logistics professionals who make sure your bikes & support vehicle has everything you need, and Interns who race around behind the scenes to take care of the little things which mean so much.

Behind each hotel door we walk through there is a team who are committed to providing an excellent experience when we stay at their establishment.  Behind each linen tablecloth there are scores of people who have worked so hard to ensure the meal you enjoy is memorable.   Fresh Eire Adventures will not abandon these exceptional businesses in their hour of need.

I ask that you please don’t abandon us now.  

Everything, now, has become uncertain. It is as though we have hit the PAUSE button.

To get through this we need to act compassionately.   I believe we are all in this together.

I am asking you now to please not hit the STOP button.  Rather, lets all PAUSE together until such a time as we can plan together once again.

I am asking you, my clients, to show compassion so that I, in turn, can be compassionate with the people and businesses who in turn need our support at this time.  

I call upon you not to cancel your 2020 tours but instead to work with us and please reschedule for 2021.

If you are thinking of a trip for 2021 please get in touch and let us know you have not forgotten about us, our industry or our people.  We will be extremely appreciative of such a gesture of solidarity.  Your actions will be a beacon of hope to our brothers and sisters in Europe whose businesses have been decimated.  

We will not be abandoning them.  

Nor will we be abandoning you.

How we act now, how we behave in business, and in life, is the true measure of who we are as a society.

As we get to grips with our new reality we must not forget that this will pass.  

Seamus Heaney, the late Irish poet wrote: “if we winter this one out, we can summer anywhere”.  

The show will go on, just not right now.

We must look to the future with a sense of hope.  The daffodils blooming today will bloom again next year.

Wash your hands.  Stay safe.  Stay in touch.  

Thank you.

Padraic, Fresh Eire Adventures.


The following trips have been rescheduled:

Holland Tulips & Windmills, April 22-27 2020.  NEW DATE: April 25-30, 2021.


The following trips are under review and may be rescheduled depending on best advice April 16th 2020:

Burren / Connemara, May 17-22, 2020.  POSSIBLE NEW DATE (if rescheduled): Sept 6-10, 2020