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Lorient - Bike Tour: Attractions, Hotels & Restaurants

This picture shows the dam of Kerroch, a wave is crossing it

 The Cliffs of Kerroc'h

The magnificence and the height of the Kerroch’ Cliffs will astound you! Formed after many years of wave crashing upon the coast, the Kerroch’ Cliffs will allow you to have an amazing view of the ocean and you will feel Poseidon’s Power.

Creperie Le Chant du Rozell

What could be a better than tasty Crepes (either salty or sweet) to recover from your experience? The Rozell Song’s Creperie its waiting for you! Accompanied with a local delicious bottle of Cider, this lunch will be an amazing authentic Breton mating.  You should try the Crêpe Complète; eggs, ham, cheese and provençale herbs.

The Locked Castle

For the longest time, the Locked Castle dominates the coast of Guidel. Surronded by the water, in front of the Atlantic Ocean, the Locked Castle, along with the waves and the beach will offer you a vista you won’t forget in a hurry.  This is a favourite haunt of brave surfers.

 This picture shows the locked castle


At the end of a long day, in Lorient City Center, you will find the most atmospheric Breton Bar and Restaurant, is actually an Irish Bar! Here you will find lot of examples of Breton culture which has much in common with Irish culture. Tonight you can dine on local “moules frites” (mussels with french fries) or any of the other delicious specialties of the house.

On this picture we can see a typical house of the Groix Island

Groix Island

At few kilometers form the Kerroch or Guidel’s coast, l’île de Groix is a fantastic and beautiful island!  Easily accesible by a public boat, it’s a perfect day trip. You will find restaurants, beaches, bars as well as spectacular scenery. For some extra miles either before or after your Fresh Eire Adventure the island of Groix offers a superb loop ride (40kms) following the coast.  The Plages des Sables Blancs (White Sand Beach) is worth a visit.

This is a picture of Tony jumping from a cliff

My name is Tony and I am 20 years of age.  This is my first time in Ireland and I am excited to be with Fresh Eire Adventures on an internship programme. I completed an Economics and Social Baccalaureat in Lorient and afterwards I attended an International Business School preparation course in Quimper.  Currently I am in International Business School in La Rochelle, France. I am a student of Business and Marketing.

I grew-up around Kerroch, Guidel, Groix, Ploemeur and Lorient in Brittany. I have visited many places in France and I am delighted to share with you my top tips to have an amazing extension either before or after your Fresh Eire Adventure in Brittany & Normandy.