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Dubrovnik - Cycle Tour: Restaurants & Wine Bars


Dubrovnik: Restaurants & Wine Bar

Here are our Top Restaurant & Wine Bar Recommendations in Dubrovnik, as prepared by intern Mathieu.


Restaurant 360°

For the ultimate Dubrovnik dining experience pay a visit to Restaurant 360° a trendy and elegant place commited to presenting top-notch cuisine prepared with the finest ingredients, inspired by Mediterranean flavours, influenced by local history and presented in a contemporary manner.  The chef at 360° takes modern Mediterranean dining to a whole new level constantly experimenting with new techniques and recipes to keep their menu full of delicious selections and inventive combinations.  Regarding the food, there isn't really a thing we wouldn't recommend from the delicacies they serve, for all the dishes encompassed in their menu are a gastronomic adventure.  There is a special degustation menu that serves several mains in smaller portions.  One other thing you shouldn't miss, is treating yourself with some of the exclusive wines recommended by the sommelier. 

360° is a sophisitcated outdoor oasis, showcasing superb fine dining amidst the iconic sights of Dubrovnik's dramatic architecture.  Their superior service is a pearl of the Adriatic's gastro scene.  Whether it is a romantic dinner with your significant other, a family get together, or just a night out with your friends, 360° offers something for everyone.



Jam packed into a street filled with restaurants is this small haven for non-meaty lovers.  You'll find a fusion vegetarian cuisine from all over the world.  Choose from falafel, curry, soups, salad bar and much more.  The menu also contains vegan and gluten-free dishes for those mor in tune with Mother Nature.  Enjoy the local wines, beers, and home-made juices that Nishta has to offer.  A lot of thought has gone into the design of the toilets, so make sure you arrive with a full bladder otherwise you will miss out on the joke. 



In the old town of Dubrovnik, Barba is a restaurant which offers you delicious seafood in a simple but modern interior. Their burgers and salads are also gorgeous. This restaurant is a nice place to order fast food such as fried fish.

 Here’s a review from TripAdvisor of Barba by Padraic, owner of Fresh Eire Adventures:

 “Great value, no nonsense fast food in a comfortable and friendly restaurant setting. I made the mistake of ordering too much - the tempura prawn dish was very heavy. However, the server saw it wasn't to my liking, and (they also forgot to order it for me so it took half an hour to arrive) didn't charge me for it. 

Recommended (for the calamari)”.

D'vino Wine Bar

D'vino Wine Bar is the perfect place to relax, share an intimate conversation, celebrate a special occasion, or just unwind and enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day.  Located in a narrow street in the heart of Dubrovnik Old City, D'vino has an imported wine available by the glass, bottle, and tasting servings.  D'vino offers over 60 wines by the glass, which is by far the richest selection in Dubrovnik, with a focus on small wine producers and family vineyards across Croatia.  From quick bites to elaborate gourmet platters, D'vino has it all.  Based on local ingredients and traditional delicasies, they serve delicious food with a twist.


 Razonada Wine & Tapas Bar:

Razonada Wine & Tapas Bar is simply the best place to discover high quality Croatian wines in Dubrovnik. With its elegant interior, we suggest to combine a fabulous glass of wine with Croatian tapas such as Proscuitto. Charming and romantic, this establishment is located inside the Pucic Palace Hotel, in the very heart of the Old City of Dubrovnik.  Croatia is a land of contrast and the fine wines follow this diversity.  Produced on lush rolling green valleys or steep cliff sides the wines of Croatia range from refreshing light whites to full-bodied reds.  We recommend sampling a glass of the famous red wine from the Peljesac peninsula, Dingac.  Or if you are looking for a cool white wine then we recommend Posip from the island of Korcula.  And the lounge bar Defne, a rooftop terrace over Razonda, offers a stunning ambience above the busy streets, after a glass of fine wine make your way up to the terrace for a light lunch.  If you are looking for a slightly different way to explore and experience the beauties of Croatia look no further. 



Kopun, one of the rising stars among Dubrovnik's restaurants, and a local favourite, is located on one of the most enchanting squares in Dubrovnik's Old Town, the calm and peaceful Ruder Boškovic square, approached via romantic baroque staircase.  Elegant interior, gorgeous outside seating and relaxed setting of the whole area, popularly known as Jezuiti, enhances their rich offer, and puts Kopun in the top of the town's restaurant scene.  Alfresco dining at Kopun, gives you a unique opportunity to enjoy the view of a wonderfully ornate Jesuit church of St Ignatius, while indulging in authentic delicasies.  Their menu features buzzes for everyone's taste, with an emphasis put on tradidtional Croatian recipes, thus one can enjoy flavours from all over Croatia, tastes of Istria or Slavonija, Zagorje or Dalmatia, all carefully gathered and brilliantly created in this one lovely venue.

Special feature on their menu is capon, young rooster bread exclusively for meat.  Capon represents a highly valued delicacy in traditional cuisines all across Europe, and in time of Dubrovnik republic it was served to local aristocrats.  The recommended dish Dubrovnik Capon, rooster in sauce of sour orange and honey, is inspired by the work of Marin Drzic, Dubrovnik's famous 16th century writer.  So sink in and sense the true Dubrovnik, as it once was.